Our Operational Structure

Our OperationalServices Structure


Our service includes Material Handling, Tailings Operations and Technical Services which includes mine infrastructure; material handling, open pit mine and operational management of mining activities.

Civil & Plant Hire

The business unit deals with all civil construction and related projects. The organization is currently registered with CIDB and graded 6CEPE.

Energy & IT Solutions

Our services provides the knowledge and skills of experienced business and IT professionals to help integrate and operate IT systems that contribute to doing better business.


We feel proud in passionately building successful brands through our people and the quality of all our activities and services.


Motse Africa Group milling is a manufacturer of Maize Meal and Baking Flour, we supply all local and exports to surrounding SADEC countries to service their current demand needs. We not only limited to above we also supply Perishable and Non-Perishable foods under our farm foods supply devision.

We're proud to present our Milling Product.