Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Motse Africa Group will at all times strive towards providing its clients with quality service that meets or exceeds customer expectations.

We will continually benchmark ourselves against leading service providers to ensure that we deliver the best technologies that the market has to offer.


Risk management
The company has developed an integrated risk management to address all risks associated with the normal running of the company. For instance, the company has ensured that all equipment and valuable assets are insured against fire, theft and vandalism.

Risk management (financial and commercial) Prudence Policy
Dividends will only be paid when substantial amount of external capital commitments have been met and the liquidity and financial leverage of the company is maintained.

Capital Commitments and Contingent Liabilities
The Company and the shareholders had certain capital commitments at the date of this profile, which are deemed to be confidential The Company had no contingent liabilities as at the date of this profile.

Litigation Statements
There are no legal proceedings pending against the Company and the shareholders as at the date of this profile that can impact negatively on the operations of the Company neither the Company is pursuing any legal proceedings against any other person.

Pre-incorporation Contracts
The Company had no pre-incorporation contracts entered into for the benefit of another company or any person.